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People of the far left can you give me your honest opinion of your vision of a near utopian USA using far left ideology?

Your answer doesn't have to be a book but at least a good paragraph and explain how your new USA would work?

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    There would be more transparency in gov’t. All govt contracts (for construction projects or for consulting, for example) over $50K would be published on the web along with company owners’ name.


    Supreme Court Judges must retire at 80 and can only work in an academic realm or research up to age 85. After that they can work anywhere.


    Do away with Electoral College.


    Put caps on college tuition at the higher end thus preventing student college debt from skyrocketing since politicians can’t resist offering more student loans. This would necessitate a mandatory college admission of, say 50%, American enrollees so as to prevent colleges form becoming over-weighted with rich foreign students and therefore excluding American students from getting in.


    Make Eminent Domain only applicable for public projects (highways, sewer, etc) and ban its use for private projects (IKEA, Wal-Mart, etc.).


    Attribute more liability to parents for their children’s convictions for illegal activities. If parents had more to lose there would be fewer children causing damage (from school shootings to vandalism).


    While I understand the need for welfare, it should be given only with the requirement that if the recipient is able-bodied then the recipient must be willing to work if the municipality provides a job to him/her or otherwise lose the welfare benefit.


    Ban clips that allow weapons, available to civilians, to fire more than 10 rounds rapidly.


    Make the rich, including AMAZON, pay the same effective tax rate that workers pay. And if AMAZON leaves the US have them pay taxes on their actual sales in the US. Capital gains on stock sales should be taxed at the same rate as worker incomes.


    Somebody just find a solution to prevent people from going bankrupt over healthcare.

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    There would finally be enough immigrants, so we would be able to keep jobs here instead of outsourcing them to countries that have the workers that employers need. We'd also have decent mass transit so we wouldn't need to drive as much. The government would spend somewhat more on childcare, but it would pay for itself because more parents would be able to work so they'd pay more in taxes (as would the childcare workers), so everyone (the parents, the childcare workers, and the government) would have more money.

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    9 months ago

    Just read "The Communist Manifesto." Nobody can say it better that Karl 'n' Friedrich.

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