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I do a lot of cardio but my body is so flabby and untoned. How can I tone up?

i'm a female, late twenties and I look thin with clothes on but underneath, my body is really untoned and flabby. My trouble area is my tummy... specifically lower tummy beneath my belly button. It's horrendous. I have thin arms and legs but they have no muscle definition whatsoever and it's weird because I run a lot. Like this morning I ran 8 miles at 11 min/mile pace! I run between 80-100 miles a month but look so bad. I'm willing to do less cardio and switch up my routine if that's what it takes but I need advice because I don't know anything about toning up clearly. Also I think I'll really need to change my diet because I eat about 2000 calories per day but it's all junk, like granola bars, cereal, 'protein' cookies, bread, and too much coffee with flavored cream. I eat so much sugar it's bad! If I make big changes how quickly should I see results?

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    9 months ago

    Cardio does not build muscle. You need to build muscle to be tone. Start lifting weights. Pick a good beginner routine like starting strength, stronglifts, fierce 5 and strong curves. 

    Make sure you eat enough protein. You want at least .7 grams per pound of body weight. 

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    9 months ago

    You need to eat protein to gain muscle and a diet high in processed carbohydrates will give you a gut. You are going to end up ill and with a 'beer/carb gut' if you don't overhaul your diet quickly. You have youth on your side for now but that's not going to last much longer and without enough protein and fresh produce in your diet your body won't be healing well after high impact exercise such as running. You're looking at a future of aches and pains, wear and tear of your joints and preventable illness within 20 years. Subcutaneous abdominal fat on a slim person is a sign of viseral fat wrapped around the internal organs putting you at risk of type 2 diabetes, heart diease, stroke and cancer later on in life. Diet is much more important than exercise in staying healthy.

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    Well, you need to do lifting, not cardio, and eat more protein.

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