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Natural parenting q- formulas and breast pumps unhealthier?

This q is probably more likely to be answered by parents who are interested in natural parenting. Are formula and breast pumps ever a bad idea? Seems I've heard that women using pumps may mess up their milk supply. They've only had the invention of these for a few decades. And I've looked through numerous formulas, they're always full of total junk ingredients, industrialized stuff that I'd never want to feed a child. Even the organic brands. Plus it's mixed with water, which you're not supposed to give babies before 6 months of age? What negative effects do you know of that causing? Can it cause water intoxication and electrolyte disturbances when mixed in formula? I've heard babies fed formula are often less healthy than breastfed. I was not breastfed as a child and have heard it could've contributed to some health issues, including when I was younger. Many say it's a grueling process though and some recommend formula as well as breastfeeding bc they say it's difficult to know if they had the correct milk supply, but I have not seen any formulas I'd think are suitable enough for a baby. Wondering what opinions there are about the topic.

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  • Namito
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    Are formula and breast pumps ever a bad idea?  Yes and maybe...

    My sisters child was allergic to formula so in that instance it's a bad idea.   That was her treating physician's opinion. Exclusive use of breast pumps can be done.  Expressed milk may not be an equivalent substitute for feeding at the breast.  That's the opinion of Sarah A. Keim in "Pumping Milk Without Ever Feeding at the Breast Study."Women who pump frequently have been found to have shorter overall human milk feeding duration than women who pump less, thereby reducing the infant's total exposure to human milk. Recent observational studies have suggested that feeding expressed human milk from a bottle may be less optimal for a variety of child health outcomes.If for some reason your child can't breast feed and you can only feed by pumping then it would not be a bad idea.  I pumped five minutes then breastfeed to increase my supply.   I delivered without pain meds, and in retrospect enjoyed the process. 

    Do what is right for you. 

  • GB
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    My  daughter was premature, and  I had to go home from the hospital without her. By pumping milk I was able to give her some breast milk and keep up my supply. 

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    If formula were not suitable for infants, infants would not survive when drinking it.

    Many women supplement with formula when breastfeeding, once their supply is established.  It's a personal choice whether or not a mom wants to do that.

    Women who exclusively pump will have a hard time keeping up supply simply because a pump is not as efficient as a baby at stimulating supply.  Nothing wrong with using a pump at times though.

  • Tulip
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    Breast pumps have been around for 150 years where does this crap come ???

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    Formula is mixed with the PROPER amount of water.  Not just water randomly thrown in.  You do understand breastmilk is primarily water as well, right?   If you improperly mix formula, you can cause water intoxication, malnutrition, etc.  That is not because of the formula.  That's because it was mixed improperly.

    Of course misusing formula can be problematic. So can supplementing when the goal is exclusive breastfeeding or keeping up milk supply. Same goes for a breast pump.  Both can (and most likely will) negatively impact milk supply, so should be used when necessary rather than on a whim.

    It's not difficult to know if you have the proper milk supply. You don't need to see ounces to know if baby is getting enough.  

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