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How to keep a floor lamp's bulb from exploding?

Just brought my first floor lamp for when I'm reading on my bed. How to keep it from exploding. Because it was on for just some seconds and the light bulb was hot like fire. It has a max light bulb of 100 watts. And I put in a 75 watt.

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    It sounds as though your lamp was poorly designed. I would recommend using an LED bulb instead. That way it won't produce nearly as much heat. Plus if you fall asleep you won't be wasting electricity as they consume a fraction of the electricity that an incandescent bulb does.

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    Standard 75 watt bulbs do get hot. Get an led bulb that produces 75 watts for a lot less cost to run and almost no heat.

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    It hasn't actually exploded, has it?  Incandescent bulbs (the old-fashioned filament ones) get hot to the touch as do adjacent parts.  Even a 40w bulb will burn you if you touch it mere seconds after switching it on.  If you don't like the idea of hot bulbs buy led ones with equivalent lumen (brightness), though be forewarned, the "bulb" part may stay cool to the touch but the heat sink can get very hot, particularly the very bright ones.

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