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Can pregnant woman still have sex? ?

I got my wife pregnant and we dont want to use protection still since it feels really great. This will be out first baby and she is ATLEAST a month pregnant, or couple weeks. She is pregnant because we took 3 different tests, all positive and she is showing a little and we dont want another egg to be fertilized or does the woman body stops producing an egg once one is already done?

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    Once a child has been made you can *** in her as much as you want. She won't get pregnant again because she's already pregnant. She will be even hornier now so prepare for very long hours of crazy sex my friend. I am 17 weeks pregnant and my husband can't keep up with my hours. lol

    Good luck and Congrats on the baby.

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    I can't believe they allow people who know nothing about human reproduction to have sex.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Im neither pregnant or a woman but id still let u tap so sure y not

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    If she is only a month pregnant then she would not be showing at all, this kind of concerns me, how little you know about this, their will be no more eggs to be fertilized, hence no period while pregnant, so yes you can have sex without conceiving another baby, may i ask how old are you both, this just seems a silly question and something every  mature adult would know. I know all this for sure because i have three boys and have been pregnant 7 times, all with the same partner may i add, in a fifteen year plus relationship.

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  • sdc_99
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    3 weeks ago

    I am kind of concerned that someone who know so little about human reproduction has already started a baby.  You can't get more pregnant once you are pregnant.  There will be no further eggs, etc until after the existing baby is done.

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    For a time, pregnant women can have sex with caution

    Thank you

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You and your wife can most certainly be intimate with each other. There is no reason that your wife cannot be intimate with you, especially this early into a pregnancy. However, just a heads up, if she is showing a little bit she is certainly farther along than just a month. 

    I would recommend getting an ultrasound to see how far along she is and to make sure that both her and the child are healthy. If you are truly this worried about being intimate with her, you could ask her doctor when you visit. Unless there is an issue, there should be no reason that you two cannot have sex. 

    As for getting her pregnant again, it is nearly impossible. The hormones produced during pregnancy are partially meant to stop another egg from dropping meaning that there should not be an egg that could get fertilized with your semen. It would be very very very low chanced that she would get pregnant again. Please see your wife's doctor and consider talking about this too. :)

    Congratulations on your child. Take care! 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You can bang the hell out of her until the doctor tells you to stop.

  • 3 weeks ago

    A pregnant woman cannot usually get pregnant with another egg.  However, there have been extremely rare cases where this has happened.

  • Linda
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    3 weeks ago

    Of course she can if she is healthy.

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