Post Office sent our mail back from Post office bos?

We have had the same post office box for 8 years.  Recently we did not pick up our mail for a month which we have done before due to being in another state.  The post office told us that they closed our box which was paid for and sent our mail back to sender because there was too much mail and it had not been picked up for more than one month.  No letter.  No warning. That leaves us in a terrible situation because our insurance and employment records are in that mail along with other important information.  Can they do this?  We have not picked it up before for that long and this never happened but this time they are stating too much mail and not being picked up in over a month.  It has been about at about one month now.  This has now left us in a terrible situation.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Obviously they can do it. But the issue did they have the authority to do it. For that I think you need a lawyer who can cull the postal service codes and regulations.

    But you have an even worse situation than you describe. When the insurers get their mail back with the USPS note "unable to deliver" your insurer is going to question where you are and wonder if the insurance should continue.

    So were I you, I'd get on the phone and talk to your insurance agent to ensure your insurance does not get cancelled. Right away.....

    Also were I you, I'd make arrangements for someone to pick up my mail when I plan to be gone for an extended period. That's the easiest fix to your problem. You can also put a stop delivery notice with the USPS and they'll hold your mail for the designated period...up to some limit, which I don't remember what it is.

  • 3 weeks ago

    It is not the responsibility of the post office to store for more than a few days mail sent to your box that did not fit in your box.  You say that most of your mail was returned to sender, which is common practice; then you complain you never received a warning.  How do you know?  It sounds like you had no problems in the past, probably because the mail received fit into the box.  It was different this time.  Your warning letter was not opened, but went back to sender.  To avoid future problems, authorize someone to pick up your mail while you're away or get a bigger box.

  • 3 weeks ago

    You should have filed a hold mail request if you knew you were going to be gone. Contact all the important places to update your mailing address and request they re-send what you did not get.

    • Sharon3 weeks agoReport

      Yes but we have been gone this long before and they always held it then so we never thought there would be an issue this time either.  We have a home address in the same town so dunno why they did not notify us someway or somehow before sending it back.

  • Mandy
    Lv 4
    3 weeks ago

    You should have notified the Post Office of how long you would be away and they could have held the mail for you - not placing it in your box.

    This situation, is all on you.

    • Sharon3 weeks agoReport

      All on us?  How do you figure that?  We hav a paid for post office box and have been gone before and it is all on us?  Ludicrous statement for you to make.

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