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A question for women only!?

I’ve seen a video on Facebook were women would say they hate guys with big di**s because in actuality it hurts them... and they also said a normal vagina is about 7-8 inches long so a guy with a long di** would hit the end of it and hurt the female a lot and that’s  why they actually run during hardcore sex, because it doesn’t necessarily feel good but it’s pain they’re running from. Is this true???

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    If you research it the average adult male penis size is about 5-7" inches in length.  Obviously there are people who's parts are smaller or larger than that. The same goes for women. The average woman's vagina is able to accommodate most guys within a normal range.

    The typical unaroused vagina is only about 4" long. When aroused during sexual activity this extends a few more inches, much the same way a penis does.

    The vagina is not an endless tunnel. The vagina leads to the womb/uterus. The mouth of the uterus is called the cervix. It's a tiny little donut/bagel looking thing. Usually the cervix doesn't get too involved in sexual activity. The cervix separates the vagina from further internal organs. It protects everything. However, if you happen to hit the cervix with your di¢k, this can be very uncomfortable.

    Sometimes couples have genitals that do not match up well. Having sex with a super small penis can be unsatisfying. Having sex with a super larger penis can be very painful.  Believe it or not: Trying to shove your penis into a vagina that is too small (extra tight/not very stretchy) can squeeze the head of the penis in a way that makes penetration painful for both people. For someone with a smaller penis attempting penetration with an incompatibly shaped vagina may not provide satisfactory amounts of friction.

    We all get the same parts, but those parts come in lots of shapes, sizes, and colors.

    Not everyone's puzzle pieces fit together perfectly.

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    • Kendall
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      Thank you! I'm a man, so I do appreciate this detailed info. I was always aware of this during penetration vaginally with women. The explanation of the glans being squeezed too tightly has been a problem for me in the past. My glans and testicles are larger. -kendall,

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  • 8 months ago

    Sorry, I'm answering as a man, but I think my opinion is valid :) It depends on the woman. But one thing I do know is that they all like a penis that is clean and strong so make sure to use a penis health creme daily to ensure that it is getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients... these cremes are great and will improve your sex life and your confidence for sure. Check them out. 

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  • 8 months ago

    If a guy has a big penis, he needs to be somewhat empathetic when having sex with a woman for the first time until he finds out what she can handle.  Some women don't mind a bit of pain with their pleasure, but if it's just uncomfortable and painful, then it's no good.

    My penis is around 7" when fully erect, and very girthy, but my wife is able to handle it without any trouble - just as long as we have plenty of foreplay.  I really like to give her head before penetrating her because it makes her extremely wet (and makes me rock hard).

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  • 8 months ago

    Do you have a question about penis size?

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  • kelvin
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    8 months ago

    none of that is anywhere true and everybody knows that the normal length of any vagina is only 4 inches and if it causes you pain than your doing it wrong

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