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When was video calling invented?

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    Well, it sort of existed in the 90s, but for most people their internet connection could not handle the bandwidth requirements of a video call. It didn't really become common until people had ADSL internet connections. Even now, people seldom bother with video phone calls, because seeing someone's ugly mug doesn't really contribute to the productive value of a phone call.

    I can't find any reliable information on the very first ever video phone call, but it would have been possible in 1990 under the right circumstances.

  • Dimo
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    3 weeks ago

    the first working video calling was AT&T Picturephone: 1964

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    Popularized in the 1870s, first commercial service in Germany in 1936:

  • GTB
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    3 weeks ago

    It was invented in the early 1950s and making it practical, not merely possible was the issue.

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  • Robert
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    3 weeks ago

    I think Dick Tracy was the first to have it on his two way TV wrist watch.

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