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How to keep updated with information that matters in this life? The life changing information!?

I am from a country outside of Europe and I have been lucky to always get some information very early on in my life to be able to decide and plan my future and be able to have a better life (the life I am having now) in Europe. 

At age of 15 I get to know that I can study my Bachelor as a distance student from a country in Europe (distance student from my home country). Then at age of 21 I was lucky enough to know there is something like Scholarships and how to apply and how to go to Europe. I was lucky to find information on what job is good and what companies are good. 

Now I am in Europe and I feel I am missing out. I get to know lately that there are Challenges like  Hackathon for programmers and I was delighted to be lucky to be part of it. And I did not know about that before!

So my question is that, I need to learn these life changing information. And I need an app or website so that it keep informing me what is out there in the world that if I decide, I can go for it. information such as the examples I have mentioned that if I did not knew about them, I could have still been in the life that I used to be and I was not happy about. Hope I could explain myself. :)

anything like good journals and books , any recommendations. I know networking is one way of getting informed, but I need more than that since I cannot keep networking all the time.

Thank you :)


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    You might get an answer if you post in a more appropriate category.

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