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Maryland doesn't want to annex Washington, DC because the district is perceived as a crime ridden slum, but gentrification is changing that?

As more and more gentrification occurs, and as more and more of the city's criminal elements are pushed out of the District, do you think Maryland will warm up to the idea of DC retrocession?

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    Not really, it's a long time ago since DC was the "murder capital of the world," as they used to call it on the news in the same spirit as the "World" League. You're behind the times in your thinking.  I think it was a dick move of Virginia to take their portion back.  Anyways, the time for that is long past because in the US the idea is pretty well cemented by now that in a federation of states the capital ought to be outside of all the members for symbolic reasons, not to mention that no matter how nice it is running a capital city incurs expenses of its own which I very much doubt Maryland wants. 

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    It is a very high crime undesirable area simply because so many liberal members of congress live there.

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