Was this a shark?

My boyfriend and I went on vacation to San Diego, CA at the end of September this year. We went boogie boarding on Mission Beach. While we were swimming I felt something large under the water knock my legs out from under me. It felt rough and scraped my shins. I got scared and immediately got out of the water. My boyfriend told me he felt something hit him under the water a couple times before I did but thought it was a log with rough bark (lmao). He got out of the water right after I freaked out. I’m wondering if this was a shark or if there is some other sea creatures that hang out near the shore. It’s been bugging me since we were there and I’m curious to know. Thank you for any insight! 

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    9 months ago
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    Probably.  The statistic is, if you've ever been swimming in the ocean near shore, there's a 97% chance you've been within 3 feet of a shark.  They don't always attack the people they encounter just to be violent creatures.  

    The attacks you hear about on the news are the very rare exceptions and the fact is sharks are dumb creatures.  They can't always tell the difference between a seal and a surfer.  

    If you were to jump into a pool full of sharks not a single one would attack you.  Most people who saw the movie Jaws wouldn't want to risk it though...

    Source(s): Bureau of Lying Statisticians.
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    plenty of skates and rays might do that -- some of them like shallow water. most sharks do not like shallow water ...

    Source(s): grampa -- i've been to that beach many times, as well as many in north county. never had that experience even when body surfing or swimming in La Jolla lagoon.
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    9 months ago

    It could be.  Or it could not be.

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    9 months ago

    how in the hell do you think anyone would know????????? nobody here was there.

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    9 months ago

    More than likely it could be. A lot of sharks go on the california border.

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