Why did my screen go static for a moment?

I have two monitors set up and my older monitor went full on static for a brief moment, not more then a second or two. It seems fine now but this has me wondering if i am going to need to replace it soon.

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    8 months ago

    Hello... My boss doesn't pay me too "think"... so he would expect me to take the monitor and plug it into another Video source to test it... or he's is going to have to tell 100 people on the line to go home without pay... AND I might be one of them... B O

    Is this a problem to test this way? it won't take much technical ability and just a few minutes? B /

    1) the Monitor should report no signal when turned on

    2) The monitor should go black and no static/colors unless it had auto changed to CATV/cable/ANT input? is there one of these on it?

    3) Try pushing the buttons (setup screen) on the monitor itself and see if the settings are as they should be.

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