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Why do some women always wear makeup just to attract men and seek for their attention?

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    It's not just for men, it's to appear less noticeable especially when you have acne or dark under eyes or any other thing on your face that you'd like to cover up. As for women... and also men by the way, the reason they put over the top makeup on like rainbow eyes or a smoky eyeshadow is because they love it, it's an artform for them and it's become routine. They don't have to wear them 24/7. Most of the youtubers don't wear them 24/7. Most women actually play with makeup at 2am, take pictures and then take it off, it's not just for men. Plus, you can't have an opinion in it if you've never worn makeup yourself.

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      As for me, l haven't wear makeup before but when you come to Ghana here there are many girls who wear makeup 24/7 .and even at my work place one lady every second she makeover even going out to buy something after that going to the washroom she will.

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  • Women wear make up for many reasons. Some are insecure and some just want to enhance their features.

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  • 8 months ago

    Because it's how some women wh0re sweetheart.

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