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How much stress causes a late period? Other causes? ?

I have pretty much ruled out pregnancy as I have taken three tests, correctly, with all the directions and tips followed. 

Anyways, I’m 8 days late which has never happened in the 6 years I’ve had a period. I have had no weight change, no medication change as I don’t even take any medication and I have never been on any hormonal birth control, and I also had a brain scan somewhat recently so no pituitary gland tumors, in case that was on any of your minds. 

I do not have any other symptoms of PCOS. 

Other than a decreased appetite within the last week or so, which is normal for me because I’m usually really hungry for a week or two and then I go back to not being hungry for days at a time, I have virtually no other symptoms. 

However, my last period ended 10/15/19. In late October I was heavily stressed. I have felt that way before however and didn’t have any issues, but now I’m 8 days late which has never happened to me before. 

I also wasn’t stressed in the week or two leading up to my expected period date. 

So I guess, how much stress really causes a missed or late period? When should I try to see a doctor? And if I experienced stress weeks before my period came late could it still be the cause? 

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  • 8 months ago

    Information on Stress & Periods can be found here

    Stress affects your Body Chemistry- including the Hormones that control your periods

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  • 8 months ago

    Oh, chill out! 8 days is nothing. I skipped several months once. Just give it some time. OR- here's an idea. Get some birth control pills if you're having sex. They'll regulate your period AND prevent you from getting pregnant- a win-win. 

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      I have reservations about going on birth control but it helps to hear someone tell me what I’m having isn’t cause for concern, especially since every single thing I read insists I’m pregnant! Thank you. I’ve never experienced this before but I’m young, and there’s a first time for everything! 

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