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Trying to get into jazz chords on guitar. Have no real basis to what I’m getting into. What’s a good place to start? ?

I see people online talking about min/maj/dom 7th 9th 11th 13th. What does that even mean? Where do any of those chords sound good together? I guess what I need is basic chords progressions “like” D-F-C-G or E-A-B to start on. Any ideas? 

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    There are so many YouTube guitar and guitar/music theory tutorials along with tutorials for so many other instruments. Seems there’s a good chance you’d find one on this topic. Won’t cost you anything.

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    A good place to start would be with a qualified teacher.

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    It's time for you to get lessons with a professional guitar teacher. He can help you with all of this. Ask him to teach you the Freddie Green chords. If he doesn't know what that is, find another teacher.  Good luck!

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    The obvious first step is learning enough basic theory to understand chord construction, naming, and common voicing practises.  For example, while in theory a G13 contains G B D F A C E, in practise the C is omitted.  On guitar, you might play G F A B E, G B F A E, or G F B E A.


    While you can memorize fingering from a chord encyclopedia, it's far better to learn the basis of the chords, so that when you encounter one you haven't learned or can't remember, you can determine how it's played on the spot.


    Any decent guitar teacher with a background in basic theory can get you off to a good start.

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    If you don't know what major and minor chords are then I'd say, for now, forget about “jazz chords”. Start of by learning how to play basic chords - major, minor, seventh, major seventh and minor seventh (augmented and diminished are useful to know too).

    Then, if you are interested, learn how these chords are constructed musically - this is part of what people sometimes call “music theory”. Some people might say you should learn the theory first but I can't see any point in knowing how chords are constructed if you can't play them and it's possible to be a competent player and to have fun without even knowing what notes make up a C major chord.

    After that it would be time to learn more complex chords and, ideally, learn how to construct them musically and find the notes on the guitar.

    If you're playing something from music or a chord sheet then you don't need to know which chords sound good together - you just follow the chord symbols in front of you. If you want to compose something yourself or find the chords to a tune then no one can really “tell you how to do it” it's something you need to learn. I know for example, that in the key of C the chords C Dm Em F G and Am will fit well together in a sequence (although lots of other chords could be used too).

    If you want basic chord progressions just look at some chord sheets for tunes you know - C Am F G must have been used hundreds of times!

    Hope this helps. 

    Added, there are lots of hits if you Google “jazz chords” and I guess if you searched for “jazz standards” you'd find examples of chords being actually used in a jazz context.

    Better still though would be a teacher who could see where you're at and help you learn what you want.

    Does this help?

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