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How long will Trump's impeachment take?

I am getting impatient. 

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    It'll take awhile

    There are 5 steps to the impeachment process- 1) Investigation by the house 2) If there are enough grounds, the house then sends articles of impeachment to the House Judiciary 3) The house votes whether or not to impeach 4) If there is enough grounds to impeach, this goes to trial in the Senate 5) At the end of the trial, the senate votes to either impeach or not to impeach. If the Senate votes in favour, he's out right away, if not, then he remains in office.

    Nancy Pelosi says she wants to have these articles of impeachment sent to the HJ and for a vote to be made just before Christmas break. Steps 3-5 would begin taking place in January 2020 in the US Senate. 

    How long will this take to finish? I would say at the very least 3-4 months for it to be completed, that's assuming this goes the full 9 yards, keep in mind this could be over as early as Decemeber IF the House doesn't have enough votes.

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    AS long as it takes for Nancy to bring it up for a vote, the house will impeach and the senate will not convict.

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