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I don't understand this joke, help?

'How far do racist marathoners run'

'Only 3K's'.

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    9 months ago

    Move your question to Entertainment>Jokes & Riddles as it's currently in Sports>Running and not applicable to this subcategory. You can move your question by clicking Edit>Edit category just beneath your question, then selecting the category in which it is better suited. 


    The joke really makes no sense. A marathon is 26.2 miles ALWAYS. It's not measured in kilometers. A "3K" run would only be (roughly) 1.5 miles. That's far from being a marathon, and so the joke makes no sense even though it was a play on "KKK" (Ku Klux Klan).

  • DIEGO.
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    9 months ago

    good question !

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    The joke doesn't make sense.  Racists are obese liberals who can barely walk to the refrigerator much less run 3K.

  • Bill
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    9 months ago

    KKK now do you get it

    3k's--- KKK

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  • Bob
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    9 months ago

    This a lame trolling attempt, please try and do better in the future.

  • 9 months ago

    The "KKK" (3 ks, kilometers) is a group who are racist and do bad things

  • 9 months ago

    3Ks is the KKK.

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