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Is it always necessary to get your wisdom teeth removed even if their not impacted ?

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    Not always, but it is so common that dentists would rather pull them than fill them.  Our mouths were just not designed for these extra teeth while they still have all the others.  The wisdom teeth are almost like a 3rd set of teeth.   Baby teeth, adult teeth, then wisdom teeth.  Because so many of us keep all our adult teeth, there just is no room for the wisdom teeth .

  • kelvin
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    9 months ago

    no it is not.......

  • 9 months ago

    Yes to prevent future problems.

    I had mine since middle schools with no problem. Suddenly around the age of 26 I began to have terrible toothaches and could not pinpoint what it was until dentist told me they were getting infected because of how far back they were position in my mouth it made cleaning food/ plaque from between and behind them a issue and overall led to severe infection and had to have them removed and when your my age the root has been given time to attach to jaw bone and is this harder to pull than newly forming teeth that aren't fully developed.

  • 9 months ago

    NO wisdom teeth shouldn't be extracted unless:

    1. they cause infection or pain 

    2. they cause jaw problems 

    3. when the opposite wisdom tooth is missing, the tooth will extrude so there's no reason to keep it.


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  • Tavy
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    9 months ago

    Only in the US where it is done for money. They are never removed in the UK unless they are causing problems. I still had mine in my 40s.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    well i never did but i've heard they can cause problems

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