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Eye has been sore for 3 days after a person pointed a laser right next to it?

Hello. I work at a company where we have to use scanner guns that have the red laser pointer, and someone pointed it at my eye for a half a second right next to it, and I jumped in pain. I got headaches the first 2 days, and today, the pain has gone down with no headache. I have no vision issues. I checked Google, and I'm not really finding that much. I think my eye is just sore and needs healing. What should I do to treat it? Thanks.

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    I think youre being a drama queen. People have been working with scanners for about 50 years now. Your issues are extremely rare. Ive inadvertently looked into a scanner and nothing happened. If the scanners were as dangerous as you suggest, there would be thousands of injuries by now and its not the case. My suggestion is to start living your life and don't sweat the small stuff. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Your problem isn't due to a scanner pointed at your eye for half a second. There is either an amazing coincidence going on that you developed an eye problem at the precise moment that laser flashed near you or this is manufactured by your mind.

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    You need to see a doctor to get a recommendation to see an eye specialist, an ophthalmologist. Even though there is no pain, this could be potentially harmful to the eye. You need an eye scan to check your retina, cornea etc.

    You may consider changing job. All the best.

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