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Is she a mean friend?, ?

I had a really special and expensive pen that a relative that I miss and never see gave to me. Today I was using it, and I dropped it on the floor. My friend picked it up and started throwing it around and giving it to random people though I told her not to. She then proceeded to chuck it to a group of people and told them to, destroy it. I tried to get it from her but age told me to back off and chucked it. The group of people then stamped on it, until it was completely destroyed. When I called her mean people started saying that it wasn't her fault and that I was a horrible person for calling her mean. Am I overreacting? Should I forgive her? Shes pretty mad at me right now 

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    She’s an complete asshole if it was in school, report her, she’s not your friend you’re  too good for her. Here are some insults just in case;

    Omg your such a horrible person to (her name/ bitchy): look in the mirror sometime and think about how you are, 1. A mistake 2. Ugly 3. Back at ya.

    Why are you so mean to me?: God, your actually THAT blind? Or should I just give you a mirror nvm, it would break the moment you see it!

    How your life without your stupid pen you sore loser?: *look down* where’s a sore loser? I don’t see one, *look up and directly at him/her* omfg! My eyes......! *blink as if actually blinded for a moment* oh, never knew you were sooo.... desperate to find one of your kind, but sorry I am the total opposite.

    You get the idea, if you ever want more insults contact me.

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    That was unacceptable behaviour 

    How you deal with it is up to you.

    But the one who destroyed it should replace it 

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    Sounds like she was just having a bit of fun but then the mean people in your class saw this as an opportunity to be mean to you. I don't think she's mean but she is annoying. She may be annoying but you are also annoying for overreacting. It's just annoying stupid pen.

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    Yes. She's mean. She's an immature, thoughtless person.

    If she had any decency, she'd be sorry about what happened,

    not mad at you.

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    She doesn't sound like she is a friend. She's definitely mean spirited though. I think you ought to send her a bill for the cost of the pen. You won't get the money but this gal isn't much of a "friend". This is a fairly small way to make it clear that she's a thoughtless person regarding you and your feelings. Don't forget it. Forgive it if it'll make you feel better (it likely will), but don't forget it. She's showed her hand. You now know this is who she is even if other people want to pretend something else.

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    If it was so special why drop it on the floor? Who did you expect to pick it up for you? A servant?

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    No, but you're an amateur troll. Feel free to inquire how to make your troll posts more believable. 

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    Of course it was her fault. You are not over reacting. It was a mean thing to do.

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    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    Friends who do this kind of thing are not friends.  I think it was Maya Angelou who said "When someone shows you what kind of person she is, believe her!"  If you just forgive her and try to pretend it never happened, it will happen again!

    You need to tell her (privately) that you don't accept that kind of treatment from 'friends'.  And even though it wouldn't really compensate you completely, you expect her to buy you another pen.  If she doesn't, or doesn't listen to you, then you're through with her.  That kind of friend you don't need.

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