I was on a walk and came across a dead snake and it had bitten itself! Why would it do that? ?

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    8 months ago
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    There have been people who have been bitten by dead rattlesnakes. It is known that venomous snakes have a strong bite reflex.

    "The bite reflex is extremely strong in venomous snakes, because their instinct is to deliver one extremely quick bite, move away, and wait for their venom to work.  ...this bite reflex can be triggered hours after the snake dies." -National Geographic.

    So, if a snake is killed, and its bite reflex is triggered (often by simply being touched) later after it has died, in this case perhaps by its own body being moved, then it can end up biting itself. Therefore it is not a good idea to touch a rattlesnake, even if it is a dead one.


  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    If a snake becomes excited or gets damaged or is in extreme pain it might accidentally bite itself.

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