What do the five wires mean on the Trane XR AC conditioner? ?

What do the five wires mean on the Trane XR AC conditioner? The unit is outside and the five wires go to furnace and then to thermostat. These are red, blue, black, yellow and orange. I want to know what each wire does. The unit is called Trane XR and i couldn't find it online and model # is 4TWR6024H1000AA.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    (Edited) Trane 4TW.. W means Heat Pump. Trane is a little different (and a bit difficult) with their heat pump thermostat nomenclature: Red to R supplies 24v to stat, the Blue to C (0v), Yellow to Y (or Y1) for cooling, Orange to O/B for the reversing valve connection, Black to W (or W1) for heat. 

    • dtstellwagen
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      If you set your stat properly for heat pump it should energize the reversing valve, then the compressor to give you heat.

  • Jason
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    3 weeks ago

    Red is your power wire. Blue is your common wire. Black is back up heat , Yellow cooling, White first stage heat. 

  • Marko
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    You can look through the top of the Condenser to see where the wires terminate. Might even loosen the screws and lift the top with the fan/blades off, carefully, if you can't tell exactly.

    I'm going to say the Orange goes to the Compressor reversing valve to change from AC to Heat. Red power. Yellow Compressor. Black Common. The Blue must be the Fan (You can update the question with what you find)

    I assume the thermostat wires are already connected to the sides of the Contactor, the component inside the Condenser where the power (from the Disconnect/Service Box) goes into and comes out of. 

    Should be 3 wires coming from the Compressor.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If you only have 4 wires they are typically (Red, Yellow, Green & Black). ... coming out of the wall then it is probably phone or networking wire and it isn't ... We also have meters that can display thermocouple temperature Process ... brown, orange ... In air conditioning mode the thermostat controls the fan, so G (Fan) is also ...

    • john4 weeks agoReport

      there is no green, but there is a G terminal and a green wire at thermostat but im not talking about wires at thermostat.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    orange goes straight to unit from thermo and i belive its that val e switch that reverses the unit for cold to hot air.

    And i was thinking yellow is the compressor control wire.someone said one of the wires is ground maybe black and i thought red was 24 volts blue i don't know. 

    white goes to c terminal at the thermostat but doesn't do anything since c terminal provides power to thermostat but thermostat doesn't without batteries so i believe white doesn't belong there

    all the wires are connected to furnace in the attic accept orange, but yellow seems to be connected also to a sensor that chechs for water in the pan that is under furnace, so i was thinking yellow turns on compressor but if sensor detects water in the pan, then yellow shuts of compressor. water would be in a pan if there is a leak.

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  • Mark
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    4 weeks ago

    Two are the inputs TO the thermostat, two are output FROM the thermostat, and one is the grounding wire.

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