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Greyhound bus tickets?? ?

Once I print at home do I go to the desk when I get to the station and do they give me a different ticket? I’m going to be on the bus for 3 days, how do I get the stack of tickets like they talk about?  

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    You need to go to the desk to check in. When you check in and give them the print out you have they will give you everything else you need including an itinerary of the trip that will tell you where it stops and when it's predicted to stop there, if you need to transfer to another bus at a stop the itinerary will tell you that. Make sure to ask the clerk at the desk for your itinerary, it's important to have.

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    put them all on your phone

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    When you print your tickets at home, there should be an option to print ALL the tickets you need for your trip. If you make reservations for a round trip, tickets for the return trip are included.

    When ticket printing is finished, compare the printed tickets with your itinerary.

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