GOP U.S. Senator Joni Ernst blames her tough re-election on "changing demographics." Why does the GOP continue to prove their racism?


She's the U.S. Senator for Iowa.

Update 2:

"Sen. Joni Ernst blames her vulnerability on the fact that Iowa has gone from 91.3% white to 90.7% white over the last eight years."

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  • 3 weeks ago

    So when rural populations decrease and urban populations increase, that is not a demographic change?

    Oh wait, dog whistle.  Never mind.

  • humpty
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    3 weeks ago

    The second election is always the hardest no matter who you are. The first time you are running against the incumbent, but the second yoiu have only your own record. That is always a problem because the realities of budget and practicability have met your campaign promises and almost certainly won as many battles as they lost. That has to be explained to a less than understanding electorate.

    When I was elected to a national position in my union I arrived with all good intentions and various plans and promises that costed out to twenty million dollars. I had a budget of twenty one million, and it wasn't until I saw the books that fourteen million were already committed to staffing and infrastructure already, so I had to go back to my supporters and tell them that I wasn;t going to be able to deliver on everything. That has happened to Senator Ernst as well. Those first budget meetings are heartbreakers, and much depends on how quickly and honestly she got that news to her base, and how well they took it.

    Now add to that the burden of the Presidential misconduct she is forced to defend as a member of his party. Her second election is going to be a nightmare. Regardless of her likeability and ability to communicate she has to deal with the position she takes on impeachment as the evidence against Donald Trump mounts, and my reading is that she will not have the courage to face her base, and will defend his actions.

    Hard enough to run without that strapped to her back. The issue of racism is real, but the issue of criminality is much greater. The evidence continues to pile up, with Roger Stone being convicted of perjury on all counts this morning, the jury having found him specifically guilty of lying about his contacts with Wikileaks and Donald Trump, providing a prime face case that Trump himself lied to the Special Prosecutor in writing and under oath.

    Every Republican Senator now has that burden to carry through their next campaign. It isn't just Jodi Ernst who has tough decisions to make, and their undeniable racism has become a side issue in the coming campaign.

    Not denying it's true. Just saying it is a small fraction of the burden they face.

  • 3 weeks ago

    She's next on the "I've decided to spend more time with my family" list.

  • Ron
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    3 weeks ago

    dems have changed them for years and now you say its the repubs are doing it and now its an issue.hmmmmm

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  • Mike
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    3 weeks ago

    Go  watch  Racist Al Sharpton

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