trying to figure out friends allergy in room?

A long while back there was some dampness in the roof that only affected the spare room...

It was all fixed and involved the roof of the room being replaced.. you can see the panels they have put up and its covered in what I describe as pinkish looking plaster they also needed to remove the wooden floorboards which weren't replaced at the time.

So as it was a spare room we never bothered doing it up yet as other rooms needed work and it could wait... however my friend is staying with us and bought himself a spare bed for the room... he didn't care about it not being decorated but since he has moved in, he has been up all night sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy skin and using his inhaler a lot.

He brought with him an air purifier which he needed for his previous flat.. he was surrounded by wooded areas and when it got damp caused him breathing problems so he is obviously very open to irritations.

I've had a look at the roof there is no further leaking or dampness but the roof looks pink where they have plastered over the new panels can something be still coming off this ?

He has had no luck with the purifier in fact when its on full it irritates him even more and when he opens the windows same thing... its as if any airflow in the room makes things worse.. so im thinking dust or debris blowing off the roof... or could it be the open floorboards that we haven't put flooring back over?

any ideas ill take a few pictures later

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  • 8 months ago

    Consult experienced local roofers.

  • Mr. P
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    9 months ago

    You should move him out and thoroughly redecorate the room. This will seal in any dust.

     Then I suggest using building paper on the floor first to effectively block any dust rising, then cover with a type of vinyl flooring. You could use laminate if you wished, but the object here is to make a floor that is able to be mopped, and won't create it's own dust like carpet.

    This may sound expensive, but any cheap paint will do the job, and you can get roll-ends of vinyl, and even second hand laminate would do.

    Get him to buy anti-allergen bedding covers.

    Possible the rest of the house isn't helping either - or if you have pets.

    An air ioniser may help t reduce airborne dust

  • drip
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    9 months ago

    IF  other areas of your home were damaged by water and you haven’t repaired them, then chances are this is the culprit.  Do you know for a fact all wet areas where removed and repaired? Water can go everywhere.  Not just where it is visible. You can ask your repair guys if they think water damage could be anywhere else.

    There is no flooring? Just the open floor panels? This can have fine dust on it from the repair work. How well was the room cleaned after the repair?  Dust can be coating the, flooring. Anything in the room 

    This is a serious problem and must be addressed. This guy is having way too much of a reaction, and it could result in hospitalization or worse. If he is using his inhaler a lot he NEEDS to see his doctor. An inhaler isn’t meant to be use repeatedly 

    You can have the repair men come back for a safety check. 

    Is the pinkish plaster insulation? Any insulation removed or added- that can can cause problems.  Anything ripped up and removed can stir up dirt, mold  and dust. That can be a trigger too. How long ago was the work done. Did they use any adhesive? Glue. That can be a trigger. Any painting done. Paint can be a trigger. I had to have my son stay with my mom for a couple of weeks after a bedroom (not his) was painted. Any varnish used?  Was the roof hosed down or has it rained since to wash away any fine dust?  

    He needs to get out of the room. Now.  Others need to clean, vacuum and wet mop the whole room. 

    He should wash all bedding and put a plastic cover on his mattress and box springs. And an allergy cover on his pillows

  • 9 months ago

    Your bedroom is just one of the rooms in your home where allergens ... Not only are bedroom allergies annoying and uncomfortable, they can ... Mold loves to grow in damp and dark places, including closets, ... Like mold, there are quite a few measures you can take to prevent dust mites from affecting you.

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