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Why is the computer shutting down?

Windows is not working. If i put in the recovery it takes longtime to arrive in the

recovery window but after a longtime a message saying it can not be recovered. Sometimes i can put in the safe mode, but if i try to clean etc it shut down.

2-Why is the Android not entering in the cell phone? I put the cell phone on and an animation of cubes flying appears and stay and the Android doesn't load.

3-How to glue a modem cable that is cutting in the wire next to the computer? Is this cable RJ 45 too?

4-Is a carte sim the same of a sd card?

5-The Windows files are inside the computer, what do i have to copy to pass it to another computer?

6-Where's located the Windows key inside the computer?

7-What's a good browser? Does Chrome have updates to the Windows XP?

8-How is to buy in Amazon? Do you have to be home to receive the articles? Do you have to do an inscription?

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    1) Use an install disk to run startup repair.  (Be careful, do not allow the install program to delete or format the drive)

    2) Reset the phone, something is wrong with the system. Note, resetting will lose all your photos, phone numbers etc.  Save all to an external source.)

    3) replace the cable, do not glue. 

    4) Carte sim is the French name for a Sim Card. 

    5) Either send to the other computer as via email, or copy to a flash card/ external drive and carry to the new computer to copy over. 

    6) windows key is encrypted in the registry.  You can sometimes use a keyfinder to read the key. 

    7) Chrome will not update on Windows XP, it is past the user help phase. 

    8) Amazon will deliver to the address you specify upon purchase.  Yes, it is best to be home if you do not trust your area.  Consider using a private postal box which you can rent and is protected. 

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    unless the questions are about the same problem, one question per question please.

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