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Theists, why limit capabilities for females according to your Abrahamic books? Are you trying to lower their self esteem with misogyny?

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    i saw a shocking report from the congo, africa , today. tens-of-thousands of women are being abused, raped, beaten, and physically mangled by attacks  from their own people.

    i believe that women are being destroyed as an act of war by sexual-violence from men. 

    "The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the east of the country in particular, has been described as the "Rape Capital of the World," and the prevalence and intensity of all forms of sexual violence has been described as the worst in the world." [wikipedia]

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    proverbs 31 says the righteous woman is industrious and isaiah 54 says the unmarried woman can become very wealthy

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    Oh, the capabilities are there. There's no denying it. Women make great teachers and preachers. They just currently can't hold an organized priesthood or guide congregations. The day may come when that changes.

    No, of course I'm not trying to to that.

  • Paul
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    In the one Church Jesus Christ founded, women do everything men do, except become priests. His Church does not have the authority to ordain women because Jesus Christ clearly revealed His will for His priesthood by ordaining twelve out of 12 men as the first priests of His Church.

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    No. We just look at what the cancer of feminism has done to the West. The Apostles were onto something.

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    Assertion without evidence is merely supposition.

  • Nope. If you like it to go to a competition you will never win. Man is masculine than women. It is written in the book of wonder.

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    Everyone is responsible for his own life.

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    Limit, how?  I just came from a meeting with my female bishop, assisted by her female archdeacon, over the matter of our female priest.

    Females are not limited in my church!  (Anglican Church of Canada)

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    Is it the lion equal to his lioness, is it the grizzly equal to his femal, women is too weak than men at every level of strentgh...

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