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How is brexit going?

How is brexit going? are the brexiters any closer to finally voting for their OWN leave bill? something that they have defiantly rejected to do the passed 3 and a half years.Why don't they use their 52% majority?



You seem to have left your brain at the pub.Staunch brexiters Bozo and Moggy have voted down brexit on more that occasion.

"no-deal Brexit."

Last week you were advocating Canada++deal.Are you a bit schizophrenic?

I should block you Lôn in the same way that you have blocked me but,doing so would bring me down to your level of mentality.

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    They got a 3.5% majority over Remain. Not a decisive mandate either as just 37% of the total potential electorate voted to leave.  You won't get the will of the people in a General Election under the First Past The Post voting system either. (Unless Boris gets lucky and wipes out Labour).  So what we have is a consensus that Boris's deal acknowledges some of the Remainers' concerns.  If we need to have individual parties working out their own deals with Brussels and then putting it to a referendum then it will take forever.

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    "Why don't they use their 52% majority?" Maybe you need to find out the difference between a referendum and a parliamentary majority. In the last Parliament, 290 'Remain' MPs represented 'Leave' constituencies.

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    Simply because undemocratic remaniac MPs and a biased speaker have tried to thwart them at every turn. They've been voted down and a law has even been passed to prevent them from using their best bargaining chip..a no-deal Brexit.

    Once there are a majority of leavers in parliament, as there will be after this election...(Tories + Brexit + Labour leavers) then Brexit can at last be achieved...and the wishes of the people will be followed.

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    Remain parties such as LibDem look poor in the polls. Labours strange plan to renegotiate a deal then try to get us to vote to scrap Brexit, seems unpopular

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    Nothing will happen until a new Government is formed.  If the previous government is returned and secures a majority in favor of Brexit it is expected to be enacted shortly after.


    All the referendum did was give a clear decision for the government to act upon. It din't 'give' anyone a majority. Laws are made by MPs not in a plebiscite. MPs in 'leave' constituencies will find out whether they can defy their electorate on December 12th.

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