How do you think Deval Patrick will do in the Democratic primaries?

Will he win the nomination, carry some states, etc? Perhaps be the VP nominee?

What are you predictions?


2 Answers

  • Tmess2
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    The theory underlying Patrick's campaign is that -- if Biden finishes third or fourth in Iowa -- Biden's supporters will start looking for another candidate.  His problem is that there are several other candidates who are equally plausible as a new home for Biden supporters and those candidates have been running long enough to raise the type of money and put in place the type of organizations to fill that role.  My hunch is that Patrick finishes in the back part of the pack in Iowa and New Hampshire and is lasts no longer than Super Tuesday.  

    As for VP, that depends upon who wins.  The more moderates that get into the race as potential Biden replacements, the more likely that  they splinter the votes so badly on Super Tuesday that none of them win delegates and Elizabeth Warren wraps up the nomination on Super Tuesday.  If that is the case, then Patrick can't be the VP as he and Warren are from the same state.  (Yes, that technically only costs the Democrats the VP electoral votes from Massachusetts under the Constitution, but no party is going to throw away any electoral votes for either position.)

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I think he's too late to earn the nomination and he seems to be running in a rather crowded centrist lane of the party.  He may effectively be running for Vice President.  Patrick has a number of things which might recommend him.  He was a popular two term Governor of a Democratic state so he knows how to run things.  He's also relatively more centrist than Sanders or Warren, which might help balance out the ticket if they get the nomination.  He's also black and a bit younger than the white septugenarians who are leading the race.

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