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Should I file a report?

My high dumbass sent a message a few days ago and texted that nobody gives a **** when an old coworker asked if anyone could cover their shift after their dog died. I know it was a stupid move on my part, and it doesn’t necessarily stop there. I left the chat, however it was from a workplace I used to work at over a year ago and texted another coworker I was friends with that I only meant to screenshot the message in the textbox, not actually sending it. She responded asking who I was, so I left it at that. I received a call from a blocked number the next morning and answered on mute to see if it was a scammer or not. It was a man on the other end asking if I had ever been shot, and that I’d end up being shot if I kept running my mouth. They hung up and I started laughing, dumbfounded on whether or not I should take this **** seriously. I received about three more calls later that evening, though I didn’t answer any. This morning I had woken up to a few text messages I received a half hour before I was awake. The number asked where I was, that they have a Christmas gift ready for me, and they can pull up wherever. They asked for a response, to which I sent a picture of a gun I found online and told them to come find me (another stupid move on my part). I blocked the number and gave my family members a heads up just to be safe, however I was wondering if I should consult with my local police department and file a report? I’ve been a little anxious, and I’m def gonna quit weed

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    I would file a report, with all the stupid people around you never know if a threat is real or not.

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