Need help w/Python Problem?

The list, employees, defined in the next cell contains employee data.

The lists within employees show department, employee number, last name, first name, gender, salary.

Use a for loop to calculate the average salary rounded to two decimal places.

Print three statements that summarize the results in the following format similar to:

The total salary of all employees is: 1000

The total number of employees is: 10

The average salary of all employees is: 100

Make sure to run the next cell so employees is defined in subsequent cells

employees= [

    ['Production', 10003, 'Bamford', 'Parto', 'M', 43311],

    ['Production', 10004, 'Koblick', 'Chirstian', 'M',74057],

    ['Human Resources', 10005, 'Maliniak', 'Kyoichi', 'M', 94692],

    ['Human Resources', 10013, 'Terkki', 'Eberhardt', 'M', 68901],

    ['Marketing', 10017, 'Bouloucos', 'Cristinel', 'F', 99651],

    ['Sales', 10018, 'Peha', 'Kazuhide', 'F', 84672],

    ['Sales', 10020, 'Warwick', 'Mayuko', 'M', 47017],

    ['Production', 10024, 'Pettey', 'Suzette', 'F', 96646]


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