should i change career from graphic design to engagement ans communication specialist?

i worked for 6 years as a graphic designer at college of arts and i loved it so much. 9 months ago i moved to university publishing house as a senior layout designer (i hate the nature of job) recently college of arts want me back for Engagement and Communication Specialist position im wondering if i should shift my career to this field.

knowing that i did my bachelor in Finance /Marketing. ive learned designing by myself and was working as student employee back in college (thats how ive got into designing industry).im frustrated about designing books i hate it its not creative at all except of book covers and im really not sure if the new position (engagement and communication specialist) is good for designing i always do freelance and work for several companies at the same time. my main concern is if the new position is going to benefit me in future. im familiar with the job already and i dont need to be trained.

please help me solve this confusion i need to decide in two days and let them know.


i forgot to mention that salary and benefits are the same 

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