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When is my ovulation day? ?

My period started on the 7th of November - 11th of November. My cycles vary from 20 days to 27 days . But mostly early. & my app is telling me im fertile 2 days after my period finished but i didnt think it would be that early? 

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  • 8 months ago

    If you have an irregular cycle, those apps are not sure helpful. Use ovulation predictor kits instead. You pee on a stick everyday and when you get a positive, it means your egg will be released in 12-36 hours.

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  • Pippin
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    8 months ago

    Nobody can even begin to guess your ovulation day, if your cycles vary by a week or more.  And an app can't guess either. And it has NOTHING to do with when your period started or how long you bled.)

    But yes, if you have such extremely short cycles, you will ovulate early. You DO understand how this works ,right?

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