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How to tell my parents I have stopped taking antidepressant medication?

I have been taking Fluoxetine for over 6 yrs now. My life was good until about age 8 and my parents divorced and my mom went to prison for domestic violence but thats another story... anyway I was never diagnosed with Depression but somehow my dad convinced a doctor to prescribe Fluoxetine for an 8 yr old. Imagine that pretty ****** up. I recently talked to my doctor about this drug and she said to start tapering decreasing 5 mg every 2 weeks. This sounded great to me but my dad did not comply with this plan like he told my doctor he would. Now he hates this doctor now that she finally found out what the **** is going on. I stopped taking the 20mg capsule about 5 wks ago and have never been happier. I also noticed I can finally get to sleep before 1:30AM every night which is good when your school starts at 7:40AM. How do I tell my dad that I have stopped taking this **** against his advice and to some extent against medical advice? He will probably be extremely upset like he is whenever I bring up this subject.


Just   to be  clear   my  dad  still  thinks  I am   taking  the  20mg  capsule  each  night.   

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    Good for you for stopping, as long as you feel better for it. It is ridiculous to be on that at the age of 8, so it is good that you are getting away from it. 

    If it upsets your father, do not tell him you have stopped. Let him get the prescriptions filled if that is what it takes to keep him happy and keep you happy. 

    Meanwhile, eat healthy food, get exercise and take multivitamins. Vitamin B and D are good as well. 

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      I  take  Vitamin D3  and  Calcium  supplements  too.

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    Why do you have to tell your dad? Just do hat's best for you. And if you have to pretend you're continuing the medication then pretend

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    It was dangerous to just stop taking it as you are supposed to taper off any medication like that, but since you've already done it and seem fine, congrats. When it is prescribed for situational depression as in your case, it's not meant to be taken forever. How does your dad not know you stopped? Doesn't he see the pill bottle? Start out by telling him how good you feel.

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    Say nothing to him, it is your body and if he forces you to take it then that is abuse.

    Bin them.

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    Just keep accepting the bottles of medicine he gives you and keep dumping the empty ones in the trash can. Flush one pill at a time in the toilet everyday.

  • Anonymous
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    Try acting it out and see if they can guess.

  • Anonymous
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    Stopped have you, prescribed is it.

    Well, in your short sighted thinking, It will become evident, without your telling anyone. You will resume the activities that caused you to be Drugged in the First Place. Which in its turn may require you to be involuntarily committed to hospital for forced treatment.

    You have nothing to gain by stopping, and everything to lose by not resuming your prescribed treatment.

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      The  prescription   though  was    to  decrease  5 mg  every 2  weeks  eventually  down  to  no  medication  in  6 wks.   My  dad   forces  me   to   take   the  full  20mg  thats  not   prescribed   for me  so  I  tell  him I   take it   when  I  do  not.   

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