I wonder since you knew you were gays or lesbians if you were women? How often you best friend from school is turned to be gay too?

I wonder does it happened that someone gets involved romantically with a best friend of the same sex if both of you are gay or lesbian.

For example, I once talked on one of our Polish discussion forums for homo and bisexual persons, with one officer of our Polish Army, who said that he was in a relationship with his best friend since school time, that they decided to jointly serve compulsory military service, which was lifted 2009, then they stayed in the army as professional soldiers.

And to make it funny being gay would never be disqualified for military service in my country, it used to be a long time ago, but too young young people were pretending to be gay to avoid military service, so when Poland was still communist it was abolished.

A friend of mine said that he had once heard from his neighbor that he was disgusted with homosexuality, but it was once recognized that it made no difference whether a NATO soldier attacking the Warsaw Pact army would get headshot from fag solider or normal one ;-)

This soldier wrote that he was more afraid that he and his friend were gay in school times than in the army

Recently, I accidentally came across a video on YouTube of some kids that looks like a bit gay 


Youtube thumbnail

One friend of mine said that if he discovered that his 12th son had some gay affair with some other boy, he would forbid them to meet, and if it didn't work, he would train him with the belt who is in charge.


I said, why be so drastic? After all, no one voluntarily chooses to be born as an LGBT person. that we should rather ensure such a child or a person in general, that we will continue to love them as parents or to support them as friends and family

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    It IS possible to have a good friend who IS NOT gay also.

    Your post is very hard to understand.

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