Why is my macbook pro mid-2012 still so fast and reliant today?

I've been using this laptop since 2012 and it's still great today. I haven't bought a laptop in 7 years. This laptop is still snappy and fast and reliable. But why?!?!

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  • A.J.
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    8 months ago

    People who buy Apple laptops rarely stress the graphics and CPU with serious gaming and most only some do video editing. Macbook Pro in 2012 costs $1100 to over $2000 against an average laptop price under $500 back then. There were many different Macbook Pro models but the lowest cpu, i5-3210M 3828 score, is adequate for most use.


    4gb ram is usually enough, but if yours has 8gb it's plenty, and if the model is ssd, it's still good enough for the vast majority of people. You probably never spilled a beverage on the keyboard.

    I had IBM and Lenovo Thinkpads and even my cheap Toshiba I use now where the plastic keys have indentation from wear. I have always gotten heavy use out of laptops and my Thinkpads lasted 5 more years after I bought them used from my office work's 3 year use.

    It's all about requirements. My cheap Toshiba is from early 2015, bought for $230 new with AMD A8-6410 (2575 score) 4GB RAM and a standard HDD and still is adequate for what I use it for heavy internet use on AC power. Pushing 5 years old at under $50 a year cost.  

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  • Fulano
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    8 months ago

    I suspect it has a solid state drive, even in 10+ year old computers an SSD can make it feel "snappy" because you no longer have to wait as long for things to load.

    You just won the hardware lottery with that one not having any hardware problems. I had an old HP laptop that I got in 2001 that still worked when I got rid of it a couple years ago.

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  • 8 months ago

    Macs do get viruses. I thought the whole Macs not getting a Virus MYTH died a few years ago. The only reason people write viruses for Windows is because Windows dominates the marketshare.

    I have 2 desktops that are 10 years old and they run well. But I have a SSD, a decent amount of RAM, and both of these desktops have a decent processor.

    There are 2 reasons though

    1. CPU architecture has not made many great advancements in the last 8 years. Intel has barely managed to make any meaningful efficiency increases since Sandy Bridge which was released in 2011. To compensate, modern processors have more cores and higher clock speeds...... which also means they consume more power. I have several computers and most of them have processors from 2011-2012. Sadly for Intel and AMD, anyone can surf the web with a PC that has an old Core i3, 4gb to 8gb of RAM, and their OS isn't bloated down.

    People still build salvage gaming rigs with i7 and Xeon processors from 2011-2013.

    The other problem here is basic software hasn't had a chance to catch up to systems with 6 or 8 core processors. Intel didn't start pushing to add more cores to their processors until 2 years ago when they released Coffee Lake. This was in response to AMD releasing Ryzen.

    2. macOS runs fairly light. It's not a huge consumer of power and it doesn't need an ton of RAM to run well.

    • Ray8 months agoReport

      I'm trying to find reasons to upgrade to a newer macbook pro but i haven't been able to because old mac runs so well in 2019.

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  • George
    Lv 4
    8 months ago

    Because Mac does not get infected by the viruses and malware that slow down Windows systems. Linux is also the same as Mac in that respect.

    • Ray8 months agoReport

      But that's what I thought virus scanners are for? IT doesn't remove them?

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