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Is the question "Still not enough?" a rhetorical question?

The context is that "Still not enough?" is said when the writer made a point and gave strong evidence for his claim and then said this

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    Out of context, I would consider it a question requiring an answer, and not one for which the answer is obvious, so I would not call it rhetorical.  The answer likely actually matters to what else the person might say.

    However, it could also be said by a person when your visible reactions indicate that the explanation is not enough, and thus be used rhetorically (a declaration that the person already realizes that you are not satisfied, and thus the answer is a given, that no, it is definitely not enough).

    Whether it is used rhetorically, or not, is context-dependent.  Which is more or less true with respect to any rhetorical comments.

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    It's a question.

  • martin
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    No. It isn't necessarily a rhetorical question, because it may be a real question that sincerely anticipates an answer.

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