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Why can an employer fire you without notice, but quitting without notice is some kind of immorality?

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    In terms of legal rights, this depends immensely on jurisdiction.  In America, most relationships are 'at will', so people on either side are legally entitled to terminate without notice.

    In Canada, by contrast, there's a default expectation that either side will give 'reasonable' notice.

    Even so, it's still generally the case that an employer will prefer to terminate without notice (and have to provide pay in lieu of notice). Canadian employers frequently get sued for failing to give notice.  Canadian employees are seldom sued for failing to give notice...

    ...but they can't expect a good reference.

    Practically, that's the hitch.  Employers have all sorts of reasons to not want to keep an employee in the workplace after giving notice of termination...but employees, with less bargaining power, need to preserve a positive relationship for the sake of future employability.

    Of course, this makes the US 'at will' phenomenon supremely ironic:  It's sometimes defended on the basis that it gives the employees more liberty to leave, and yet, yes, the social norms still end up dictating to employees that they can't really leave without notice, while they have no protection against dismissal without notice.

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    That is naive but a common understanding. Employers usually let people go without any notice. That is done for security purposes. That releases employees from any obligation to give notice prior to quitting. One gives notice prior to quitting in hopes of getting a good reference in getting future jobs but, again, it is not an obligation. The company, however, is under no obligation to give a good reference regardless of the conditions of leaving that company. The notion that quitting without notice is an issue of morality is ridiculous in light of the fact that companies seldom give advance notice when letting an employee go. It is, however, no wonder that companies continue to make it seem as if quitting without notice is, in fact, immoral. It's not.

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    It isn't. Where did you get that idea?

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    Who said it was? It's not the decent thing to do and it can follow you around, but employers who are lousy to work for, that follows them around, too.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    maybe cause they needed to fire someone without notice

    • Anna
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      The only reason someone should be fired without notice should be for stealing from the company or turning up at work drunk or on drugs. 

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    Both are an immorality if you ask me, yes, an employer can fire you without notice, but that is rare, most the time you’ll get a verbal or written warning, or you did something so bad like stealing from the company that they’ll let you go on the spot.

    It’s pretty rare to get fired just because, yeah, you make certain people with power mad it can happen but that also can open up lawsuits within the company, and rightfully so.

    I’ve seen more employees walk out and quit for no reason, giving no notice to there managers, just because, which managers are just doing their jobs and it makes it that more difficult leaving them short handed just because you can, don’t expect them to hire you back, if you was in their shoes and an employee did that to you and you had to cover their shifts until you found a replacement would you be happy, hell no you wouldn’t.

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    Did it say employer? I'm more of a minster and entrepreneur.

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    You can quit whenever you want too as well but it would likely burn a bridge between you and that employer. It would remove any future consideration of hiring you again unless they really, really needed you back.

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    If an employer fires you without notice, then it is because you are a ********.  If you are a good employee and are being released, most employers will give notice.

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    You can quit anytime you want. You don’t have to give the 2 week notice if you don’t want to. It’s kind of pointless since when is an employer going to find and train someone in 2 weeks. 

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