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How to get over this feeling?

I feel horrible after I loose an argument at workplace with a colleague who is our department head. I feel he has gotten away by saying "do such and such so that you don't keep me angry" it was a kind of favor he asked me to do but he added this sentence which made me feel intimidated. I said nothing just walked away smiling. But I am sure I stood up for myself by saying things when he asked me which I don't agree with him. How do I get over this feeling. Will this go away its own or do I need to retaliate?  

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    Please don’t retaliate as it could lead to being

    Fired, better even though l think you were in the 

    Right to apologise first, this usually leads to the

    Other party applogising too and group harmony

    Is restored thanks, so make them right usually

    Leads to the other party considering your rights

    And harmony is restored once more, thanks.


    Very Best Wishes 


    Source:) Private sources.

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  • martin
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    8 months ago

    At work, the department head is your superior. He apparently was domineering toward you, and has implied that you might have gotten him angry or that he could become angry if you don't do as he ordered. He's not in an easygoing mood. Better obey his order.

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