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What to think if a guy doesn't hate a woman who he used to get along with even though he probably should hate her?

I got suspended/fired from my job after getting falsely accused of threatening/harassing my female supervisor when it was all untrue.

She knows I have a history with her sister (her sister ended up leading me on/changing her mind about me and I like her sister for 8 months).

Her and I have joked and flirted with each other at times and have had private conversations about things even though she's married and has 2 young daughters.

Her and I have even given each other Christmas gifts.

Nobody really seemed to believe her about me threatening/harassing her.

One of my supervisors talked favorably about me to my union representative and

like 20 people signed a petition to bring

me back.

I got rehired last week and have worked 7 days now and I'm still working my same shift so her and I see each other.

She's still one of my supervisors in my shift.

I probably should be angry/hating her BUT I oddly don't.

I can't say I wanna talk to her about anything either even if it's work-related.

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  • Alan H
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    8 months ago

    Why should anyone feel the need to hate anyone else?

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