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What do I do when Instagram won’t let me login? ?

My Instagram account was hacked a few days ago. I recovered it and changed my password and everything. 2 days later it logged me out again. every time I go to log in, it sends me a message saying I need to request help logging in & brings me to this page. When you click the “request help logging in” button, it brings me to the help center page where they say answers to any question you have should be there but the answer to my question is not there. I’ve tried to reset my password and that didn’t work. I’ve tried deleting the app which didn’t work either. I shut my phone off and tried again - nothing. I tried logging in on my laptop, a desktop, and it even had my friend try it on her phone. None of these have worked. I don’t know what to do now. The password & username are both right. PLEASE HELP 

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4 Answers

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