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What does it mean if you constantly have yellow urine? For any experts that can answer me, or if you're just educated about this.?

I always hear it means you're dehydrated. But does it have any other meaning? I'm curious dehydration is not always the case. The reason I'm asking is because I have a female cousin who used to constantly have yellow urine when she was younger. Here's the story below.

When I was about under 5 years old she took care of me often. She took me to places such as the movies and other fun places. Whenever we go to the restroom she will take me with her because I was little. We will go to the same bathroom stall and she will urinate first before I do. I always noticed every time that her pee was lengthy and she leaves the toilet  water always being really yellow.  Also she will go to the bathroom and pee while I'm in the middle of taking a bath. And everything she does that she doesn't flush and I will always be surprised to see the toilet water be bright yellow.

One day she came over and it was one of those days when she had to go really bad. So this time I decided to observe because I just want to know if I heard yellow he was just coincidental or if that's just her body. I just pretend I needed to pee after her. To my surprise it was 5 minutes long and when she was done the toilet water was over dark yellow. It was so much it was not even yellow anymore, it was like dark orange. Does that really mean your dehydrated? Because I'm not sure I went up by that she was too dehydrated if her pee was lengthy. I don't see how you can be dehydrated and you have a lot of fluid coming out.


Also at this point I would doubt she still like that. So I wonder if it has to do with age Maybe. Or I want to know maybe she had urine chemistry that many don't have

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  • It means your urine is concentrated. It's not necessarily dehydration, it just means you should drink more water to dilute the solutes

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