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I am finding it hard to fit in to British society because of the colour of my skin, what should I do?

I was born in north of England but of mix race ethnic background (half Caucasian/half Arab) but all my life I've struggled to integrate in to British society due to racism and not been accepted. I've put up with a lot of racial abuse throughout school and at work... especially school but college wasn't so bad because it was quite ethnically diverse and I was able to make friends. 

Although this has carried on in to adulthood where other areas of my life are getting affected like finding a girlfriend, getting a career, networking and socializing in general etc. Most of the population statistically is white British and white women generally want a white boyfriend. Socializing is hard too because I don't feel welcomed and I'm not accepted (they treat me different...). I get rejected from alot of jobs due to the colour of my skin also. In the past I've had my car vandalized by thugs which sends a huge red flag too. My brother as well suffered the abuse at work from and throughout his school time.  All I am saying is, do you think I should immigrate somewhere else or another city that's more ethnically diverse? I just kinda feel left out and dont fit in because of my skin colour...

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  • Chanel
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    8 months ago

    I find that racist people are generally feeling inadequate about their own lives.

    They blame the job shortage on other cultures.

    If anybody is racist to you say "it may be an arabic doctor one day who saves your life".

  • Bobo
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    9 months ago

    Sounds like you want to society to make a welcome mat for you.  They do not come to you, you make you own way through life.  Regardless of the colour of your skin, you have the ability to succeed by making the effort yourself.  Society is not holding you back, your attitude is holding you back.

  • 9 months ago

    I am not black but come from a poor background up North, too.

    I took elocution lessons aged 22 - went abroad,

    returned - moved South and  that has been enormously helpful to me

    and to my offspring. It's now second nature, zo to speak :)I

  • Move to Canada. We're much better here and the country is growing much faster than UK. Screw those racist people

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