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What is a good way to write a copyright page disclaimer for an autobiography, talking about name changes to protect identities?

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  • Speed
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    8 months ago

    Please listen to Tina and Her Highness, since they're absolutely correct. You do not have to name people for them to be identifiable. Self-publishing offers you no protections from lawsuits.

    Your best defense would be to make no claims that cannot be backed up by official records like police reports and court transcripts. If you say Mrs. XYZ did something awful to you, she can sue you even if it's true, because you cannot prove it.

    You absolutely need an attorney with experience in libel law. It's likely to cost you many times what you might earn from the book. Is it worth that? Your decision.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    If you seriously need a disclaimer you need to hire an attorney (or let your publisher's attorney write it, if you aren't self-publishing). And be aware that a disclaimer will not necessarily shield you from lawsuits. If real-world people can be reasonably identified from the details given in your book, it makes no difference whether you have changed their names or written a disclaimer; they may still be able to sue you.

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    • Tina
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      8 months agoReport

      that was Mr Brown.  And a disclaimer doesn't help. It can be used to prove that you knew what you were writing was potentially damaging. You should think very very seriously before publishing anythng that might be considered defamtory.

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