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Is this a sign of a brain tumour or dementia?

My mum has always had poor memory, however its a lot worst like she will run a bath and forget she has done it. Or she will ask the same question 20 times in half an hour. She will also fixate on a specific word in a sentence you say. For example if you say something along the lines of "I could smell fire when I was at work today" she would start freaking out screaming is there a fire. Or if you say something "I seen Cheryl at the shop she had a kid with her" she'll start screaming she doesn't have children. Or "Do you want something from the shop" and she will go off her head shouting "I'm not going to the shop". I have told her to go to the doctors about her memory but she will refuse and just shout about once you are diagnosed thats you. She also had really bad mood swings with everyone. She will be happy one minute then pure screaming about the slightest thing. Or just being in a mood. 

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    9 months ago

    sounds like you have cancer :( better talk to a doctor

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    Good question. I am a trauma nurse so I am happy I ran into this question. Depending on your mothers age she could be going through menopause. However I have seen serious dementia in people as young as 40’s.The thing is we as healthcare providers like to find a prognosis by first cancelling out what it is not. 

      Dementia is usually genetic. Is there a history of dementia in your family? 

     How long has she been this forgetful? You didn’t really specify. It could be a serious infection causing her to react this way and be forgetful. 

      Or it could be an underlying disease. 

    I would also have to wonder what kind of medications she’s on (if any) and the effects they may or may not have. 

     What her drug/alcohol history is. 

     The thing to keep in mind about dementia is MOST and I say this broadly.. most of the time it is gradual memory loss. Not just all of a sudden. 

     I can’t say what she has because I am not a doctor nor do I have enough background information, nor do I have tests that I can run like a white blood cell level count would be extremely helpful. 

     It’s hard to say over yahoo answers.. if things get worse and she starts getting combative, I would definitely have her taken to a hospital and evaluated by a psychiatrist. 


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    9 months ago

    only a doctor can tell you that, your mom needs to go see one

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    9 months ago

    dementia, a tumour would cause headaches and other physical problems

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    it could be either one but the only way to find out is if she goes sees a doctor about it

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