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DIY query about floor... ?

I've recently moved into a flat and my  living room is on top of a wasps nest. I've cleaned up nearly 90 from my living room and if I'm right they are coming up through underneath the Skirting and a hole in the floor maybe a bit smaller than a golf ball. The hole underneath the Skirting but comes out to my flooring a bit. The flooring is black tiles and I was hoping to put carpet down. Since the council are saying they won't do anything about it, what can I use to fill the holes so I can put my carpet down without more wasps coming up next summer and ruining my floor?

Thanks for any help :) 

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  • 8 months ago

    I'd nail some old boards right through their black tiles and say too f'n bad. Cold air will probably be coming through too soon, so might want to get a can of that expanding spray foam too.

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  • 8 months ago

    That is what I was going to say: Expanding Foam. You spray only a little, and it expands a lot. It dries rather quickly, and you cut the excess off with a knife so it looks neat. You then throw the bottle away because the tube will be hopelessly clogged. So make sure you do all your holes at once.

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  • al
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    8 months ago

    Fill it up with foam insulation like this:

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    • John8 months agoReport

      Thanks very much :) 

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