ARK Survival Evolved: I have a question....?

I have a great save going in ragnarok. I got a big base, lots of tames. I want to get a big tribe going, that way we can have stuff to do. I know you need a paid/official server to be able to be off and another tribe mate on. I know that dedicated servers are the only way to play without host tether. I also know it disables your ability to go around with them, you sit up in your admin chair and can use message of the day, whitelist, ban, etc. I want to be able to play with the people in the game while the dedicated server runs. My best idea is to use a pc to stream the dedicated server, and play on my Xbox. But I don’t have my great world on pc. Is there a way I can transfer my world, or “log in” to my Xbox ark on pc, and still be able to play my Xbox? Simplified: pc running my Xbox profile world, playing my Xbox profile in the pc server. I want to use my survivor in ragnarok in that idea. Is there a way I can log-in on pc?

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