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Can these symptoms indicate that I may have BPD ? ?

So lately I started noticing that I'm  experiencing some symptoms which have been present for a long time and I thought they were normal

-Fear of rejection & abandonment: that's why I leave people before they leave me

-Unstable relationships: I loved some people dearly yet sometimes I cut them off and run away. Sometimes I see them as heroes other times I think they're the scum of the earth

-I don't have a name for this but a week ago I was under a great amount of stress, suddenly I didn't feel real anymore, I looked down at my hands and felt like they don't belong to me even though I know in my mind they're indeed mine, when I tried to move my legs I couldn't, I thought I was going insane

-I don't know who I am. I feel fake, I've been hurt,criticized and bullied in the past, to avoid that, I show interest in the same things as other people, use the same tone of voice when talking, listen to the same music, watch the same shows almost like a mirror

-GUILTY. I wish I could erase my existence so that I never burden my family

-I bottle everything up inside, I rarely talk about my feelings or my personal life even when I get sick I never tell anyone

-Constant emotional rollercoaster + emptiness: contradicting, I know. One minute I'm crying the next minute I'm dancing, after a while I feel nothing.

-Calm exterior and a war inside.

I'm seeing a psychiatrist and so far I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Should I bring this up in the next session? 

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