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Someone owes me money but won't pay... I found out the truth, what should I do????

A relative owes me a lot of money for doing work for him. He keeps promising to pay me but never does. He claims to be so poor that he's borrowing money. But I found out what he really does... he goes gambling at casinos. I even have video proof of him going there.

So what can I do with this evidence?

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    It is not a crime to gamble. The evidence that you need is him acknowledging that he owes you money. So I suggest you get text messages or emails or recorded conversations that prove that he acknowledges that he owes you money. That is where you begin. When you have enough evidence, contact to small claims court to see what their financial cap is for you to bring that person to court in order to collect your money. Somebody's gambling problem is irrelevant to you collecting money for hid debt.

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    3 weeks ago

    How much is a lot because it may not even be worth it to pursue.

    HERE is why

    You can go to court and given the evidence you do or do not have, such as the details of the work and pay, and you get a judgement, now what?

    The judge is not going to collect the money for you right then and there and if the relative does not pay you will have to have a discover hearing to find assets you could go after.  Then you have to file liens or garnishments etc. and either try and collect or have to hire someone to do it properly.

    BUT the true question only you can answer is it worth the family turmoil?

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    You can't do ANYTHING with that evidence.

    You can sue for what he owes, but the court DOESN'T CARE about why he isn't paying.

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    Use it in court when you sue him. But first, do you have a written contract with him that spells out what work is to be performed and the compensation you are to receive? And if so, do you have written documentation, with proof of delivery, of your attempts to collect the unpaid debt?

    Because if you don't, it's he said, you said. People who sue without documentation to prove their cases lose their cases.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    If you have evidence of the debt you can go to Small Claims Court and get a judgement against him. That would allow you to seize assets such as bank accounts, put liens on his property and garnish his wages.

  • y
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    3 weeks ago

    Either go to court to collect or forget about it. How much trouble is it worth. Obviously, the guy has a problem and eventually will be living in the street.

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    Nothing, what he does with his money isn't relevant, other than that he owes you in some way yo can prove. Do you have a contract that sates the work and the payment owed? If yes, sue him. If no, you'll likely never see the money.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Don't do anymore work for him.

    Suck-it up and forget about it.

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    Doesn't really prove he isn't poor thought does it? Just proves how he is LOSING the money. You can tell the people who are enabling him how he is losing all that money, but it won't get you any money. You can take him to small claims Court and if you win and he has a job you can go the legal avenue to garnish his wages. 

  • Linda
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    Take him to small claims court and bring your evidence.

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