Going back packing to Europe for the first time. Suggestions? Favorite Cities? Routes to take? Sites to look at? ?

Hi all. Following graduation of college, I will be going to Europe for the first time with a couple of friends and we will be backpacking for about 2 weeks. I was curious if any of you guys could give me insight on the best places to go for site seeing but also the best places to go for night life and fun. 

I am open to all answers but just wanted some insight on maybe where you guys have traveled in Europe and any suggestions that you have when traveling there :)

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  • 9 months ago

    Seriously take out a map and think for a moment . How far do you expect to WALK on a daily basis.

    No idea what YOU or YOUR buddies will find interesting to see and do.

    A night in bar drinking is a night out in a bar. Not much difference from city to city.

    They can get expensive.

    Suggest you start by exploring the Hostel sites for places to sleep.

    Do you have any abilities in other languages or expect everyone to be bothered to use some translator thing to communicate with you?

    Do you plan to carry your pack with you all day?

    Many areas have tours where you luggage is taken from one hotel to the next for you and your group WALKS on a route of your choice.

    Warning you can be refused admission to Europe if you do not show sufficient funding for a REASONABLE visit.and adventure.

    You are not required to spend all the money you bring with you but should be able to cover the basics like a room on a bad weather night . Food for your meals etc.

    As a STUDENT suggest you look into an International Student Card. Many discounts available.

    A night train is a moving Hotel room. Travel at night and sleep leaving the day time to explore next place.

    The bigger cities tend to be much more expensive than nearby smaller places.

    Shall we guess if the Basic bed and breakfast place works for you or you want to sleep in a tent?

    Suggest you explore a tour group like Contiki for part of your first adventure.

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